About MapCoast

The MapCoast Partnership is a consortium dedicated to multidisciplinary mapping of coastal underwater resources, including bathymetry, habitat, geology, soils/ sediment, and archeological resources in shallow waters. Submerged habitats and the species they support are the “canary in the coal mine” for evaluating the ecological condition of the coast. However, the coastal resources management community is limited by outdated or inadequate scientific understanding of these environments. The MapCoast consortium - an alliance of local, state and federal agencies - is working to resolve this problem by producing detailed maps of our submerged environments.

Mission and Goals

The goal of the MapCoast Partnership is to develop a readily accessible database of soils and sediment in coastal Rhode Island that meets the variety of needs of the user community. Soils and sediment map data and attributes are essential for management and protection of coastal ecosystems.

Our initiative strives to create a seamless soils/sediment database of the coastal plain above and ~5 m below the sea surface.

We also strive to create a high resolution, accurate seamless digital terrain model (topography and bathymetry) above and below the sea surface in coastal environments.  MapCoast is committed to make these data and their metadata available to all members of the user community in a reliable, accessible manner.

This fact sheet has more information regarding the MapCoast Partnership and BayMap Project.